Monday, November 30, 2009

Lots and lots of new posts below and more to come!!! Check them out!!!

Playing in the Rain

I've said before how much Campbell loves playing outside, but on this particularly rainy day she just had to get outside to play in all of the water the rain left behind. The pictures don't really show it, but her clothes and shoes were soaked, and she loved every minute of it!!!

New Love

Campbell has a new found love of chips. Her cheesy face below is a result of Cheddar Sunchips. Yes, she does have a plate of mac-n-cheese in front of her as well, but I can assure you that the messy face is from the chip crumbs in the corner of her highchair try.

She also discovered that she likes chips and salsa too! I guess she see's Kevin and I go crazy about it so she figured she better give it a try!

Main Event

We went to a fun place called Main Event in Frisco which is kind of like Dave & Buster's. Campbell loved pretending that she was driving the cars in the arcade area!!!

Campbell Collage

Dallas Arboretum

Several weeks ago, Campbell and I went with Bethany, Presly, and Cru to the Dallas Arboretum. The kids loved running around looking at all of the pumpkins and beautiful scenery.

There were about 14 different little houses scattered across the park that were constructed to represent different children's books. A cute little gingerbread house is below.

Campbell Being "Ramble"

When Campbell is being silly or acting crazy, we sometimes call her "Ramble." (We have to give credit to our friend Heath for coming up with that name.) Here are some random "Ramble" moments.
Wearing her pink glasses and looking for her toothbrush and toothpaste. She loves for me to brush her teeth just so she can eat the toothpaste.

Here she is working on completely emptying my cabinet in the bathroom.

Playing in Kevin's suitcase. She loves climbing in suitcases!

Being silly wearing her green sunglasses!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween and OSU/Texas Game

We had a wonderful Halloween weekend in Oklahoma! We started it off Friday night by dressing up Campbell and going to the Jenks Aquarium with my mom, sister, nephew, and brother-in-law. Campbell was a cute little ladybug. The costume was pretty simple and cozy so Campbell didn't mind it too much.

My nephew, Aiden, was the cutest little puppy dog.
Campbell enjoyed looking at some of the fish and underwater creatures with Kevin.
Campbell and Mimi
Mimi with both of her grandbabies. One of the vendors was handing out toothbrushes so that is what she is chewing on in this picture. Aiden is wondering what on Earth she's doing??!!

Trying to get a family picture, but Cam won't smile.

Looking in the camera case for the camera.

Saturday, we left Campbell with Pops and Nams and headed to Stillwater to watch them play Texas. This little cutie was dressed up as Pistol Pete.
Our friends, Peete and Bethany, had their little boy with them, and he was dressed as Nemo.
Pics of our fun tailgating friends!!!
Some of the guys
And some of the girls

My sweet mom and dad. I should have taken some pics of my mom's tailgating set-up. She goes all out and her food is so yummy!

Our friends, Mike and Stacey, are expecting their first baby boy any day!
Sunday morning we went to brunch with Kevin's family to celebrate Nam's birthday. The food was great, but I'm afraid that Campbell's behavior was not-so-great. :(
Campbell's sweet cousins, Jake and Ally.
And finally, a few extra pics of Campbell playing outside. She LOVES LOVES LOVES to be outside!!!

One last pic of Campbell hanging out with Daddy eating breakfast.