Thursday, January 1, 2015

Christmas 2014 Part 2 and New Years Eve

After celebrating with my family, we headed over to Kevin's parents' house. Campbell is wearing her PJ's that match her American Girl doll.

Then it was back to my parents' house to celebrate with extended family.

Decorating a gingerbread cookie cake back home.

New Years Eve 2014

Brett, 25, Law Student in Oklahoma

My brother has absolutely no idea I am creating this blog post for him for Singles Day, but I just keep reminding myself that 11 couples have been married from this annual event!! Worth a shot, right?!

My younger brother, Brett, is 25 years old and lives in Oklahoma City. He has a degree from Oklahoma State University, and is now attending Law School at OCU. 

Me, my dad, and Brett

Brett with my parents at an OSU football game.

My dad with Brett

He is just a simple guy that loves his family, OSU football, traveling, golf, and can quote movies with the best of 'em.  His love of movies actually led him on a 2 month stint at James Franco's acting/directing school in NYC. While there, he was able to be an "extra" in shows like "Orange Is The New Black" and "Madame Secretary" before settling back in Oklahoma to attend Law School.  

He's "Uncle Brett" to 4 nieces and nephews who just adore him. He is a sensitive and loyal guy and such a catch!!  Any girl that ends up with him will be a lucky girl!!

If you are interested in contacting this awesome guy, or if you know the perfect girl for him, please leave a comment below with your email, and I will pass it along to him. :)