Thursday, August 26, 2010

Baby's Room

The baby's room is just about finished. It still needs a few things, but I really love how it has come together. We went with a surf/beach theme for the room. We don't have a mattress in the bed yet, but you can get an idea of what the bedding looks like.

The white lamp next to the rocker is not staying. The lamp base does not match the room at all.

This little shelf still needs some help. It looks a little sparse.

Campbell's Room

Since I'm showing baby brother's room, I thought I would take some pics of Campbell's room as well. We will probably be changing her room around a bit in the next couple of months when we transition her bed to a full size bed, but for now she stays in her crib.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


We haven't gotten many good family pics lately, so I thought I better post these while we are still a family of 3. We are hoping to be the Spriggs family of 4 by the end of this month, and can't wait to meet our little guy who still doesn't have a name. At this point we are thinking we might need to see him and then decide.

These pics were taken at a sweet little family baby shower thrown by Kevin's mom and sister-in-law. Unfortunately I didn't get any other pictures because my camera man was taming the little wild beast upstairs during most of the party, but I enjoyed seeing everyone and getting some great gifts!!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Campbell is 2!!!

Campbell turned 2 July 23rd so we decided to have a mermaid/under the sea birthday party for her at my parent's house in Tulsa.
This picture is random, but you can see the mermaid centerpiece on the island.
Campbell and Aiden watching for guests to come.
The back deck
The birthday girl
My mom, Aunt Melinda, and cousin Sarah
Aiden going to town on Campbell's new rocking horse
Aiden, Lauren, and Nams
Megan and Cooper checking out the horsey
Nams and Ally
The ottoman was a big hit with the little kids. They enjoyed jumping on it.
Campbell riding "Lucky"
More ottoman fun
Opening presents
More like, me opening presents and showing them to Campbell.
Campbell giving Pops a try on the microphone

Nams trying on Campbell's princess accessories

Campbell did not like everyone singing 'Happy Birthday" to her at all.
Trying out her new scuttle bug scooter
Aiden and Campbell working on a duet
We were tired after a looong day. Campbell was eating icing off of the tops of her cupcakes with a spoon.
Kevin was my camera man, and I don't think he even made it into any pictures so I had to snap this one of him relaxing after the party.
Dad was grilling all of the burgers and hotdogs so he was outside in the miserable heat and didn't make it into any pictures either so I had to get a pic of him too.
And I had to get one of Brett too just for fun!