Sunday, September 28, 2008

Shots!!! Ouch!!!

Campbell had to get her first immunizations this week. I know all kids have to do it, but it just broke my heart. She cried and cried but had forgotten all about it by the time we left the doctor's office.
One little Dora band-aid. (I think? Isn't that Dora? I've got to freshen up on my cartoons!)
And one My Little Pony band-aid. I can't believe those things are still around! I used to LOVE My Little Ponies.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Campbell on her New Toy

Two weeks ago Campbell didn't want to have anything to do with her little play mat, but just a few days later she realized she liked it! Here are a few pics of her playing.

Notice the shirt below.

Little Cubs Fan

Granny and Gramps got Campbell all of this cute little baby Chicago Cubs stuff. Even though she looks like a little boy, we thought we'd take some pictures of her in it. Go Cubs Go!!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Lindsay Had A Little Lamb, Little Lamb, Little Lamb...

I know Halloween is over a month away, but I was just too excited to choose Campbell's Halloween costume! I looked and looked and came across this adorable little lamb costume. I ordered it on-line and can't wait for her to wear it. It's just precious!!!

9 Weeks

Campbell is 9 weeks old and changing daily. I saw a girl on an elevator the other day with a little baby that was 4 days old, and I can't believe how much Campbell has already changed in 2 months.

It was a little rough once we returned from Oklahoma because she just wanted to be held all day long since that was what she was used to during our visit. She has become much more content just in the past few days. She is really enjoying her swing and she is even becoming more interested in her Little Einstein play mat. She lays there and looks up at all of the little toys and will accidentally hit them when her arms flail around.

She has been going to bed pretty easily at night, usually between 7 and 8. We have started to put her to bed in her crib and then I bring her to her pack-n-play bassinet after she wakes up for her first bottle during the night. I would love to get her to sleep a little longer at night, but that "dream feed" that the books talk about just hasn't worked for us. I can't get her to drink any more bottle for the life of me when I try to get her up for one last feed around 10 or 11. So...she usually wakes up sometime between 12 and 2 and then every 3 hours after that.

She is really starting to smile, coo, and make the cutest little girly sounds. We like to have conversations with her and really get her going. She has hardly cried at all lately unless she's hungry or she's in her carseat in the car and we stop at a red light. I have to keep making right turns just to keep her quiet!!! We haven't had any more of those hour long screaming fits at night for a while either which has been nice. She just seems more content over all lately which is such a dream! She's just the best little baby :)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Wedding Weekend Fun

We finished off our wonderful week in Oklahoma attending Eric and Lindsey Lindstrom's wedding. Kevin was a groomsman and several of our good friends were either in the wedding or in attendance.

Presly is the daughter of our friends Peete & Bethany. She was the prettiest little flower girl!

Me and Presly

Presly and her Momma, Bethany

She is such a doll.

The groomsmen

After Presly walked down the aisle she was supposed to turn to the right and go sit with her mom. She had other ideas which included going up on the stage with her dad!!!

Bethany's worst nightmare came true. This is her after she had to get Presly off the stage in front of everyone. It was too funny!!!

All of the groomsmen decided to come out onto the dance floor without their shirts on! (In Kevin's defense, he had already taken his vest off so that is why he is wearing his tie.)

The bride, Lindsey

Peete, Kevin, Eric, and John

Me and Kevin

Megan, Me, and Bethany

Sweet Friends

Kirsten & Bethany

Mindee made a special trip from Dallas. :)

Campbell Visits the "Other" Spriggs and Granny & Gramps

Campbell, Ally, and Jake

Pops and Nams with all their grandkids

Chris, Jen, Jake, and Ally
Memaw and Teresa

Granny and Gramps

Campbell's Future Buddies

Campbell's future li'l buddy Eli Watts.

Her other future li'l buddy Cru Christopoulos.

They are all such cuties :)

OKC or Bust!!!

While in Oklahoma, we spent one day in OKC to see several other family members. It was so much fun to see everyone and spend the day together!

My mom's cousin Cindy with Campbell.

My Aunt Melanie and Campbell.

My cousin Kale was all dressed up for his school pictures that day, but he heard the baby was in town and mysteriously came down with a stomach ache so his mom would pick him up from school and take him to my Aunt Peggy's house where we were all hanging out. ;)

My Granny and Aunt Peggy.

My cousin Kristin.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Lauren's Baby Shower

My sister Lauren had her first baby shower while we were in town, and I was so glad I was able to attend. She got tons of cute things for her little boy, Aiden, who is due the end of November.

Me, Lauren, and Mom

Allison and Campbell

Kathy and Campbell in her "party outfit"- Kevin said she looked like Renny for any of you Big Brother watchers!!! Hee hee :)

Lauren opening her gift from my dad. It's a stuffed animal deer head. He always has to throw in a "touch of Terry."

Continuing with Dad's gift-a camo onesie!

Cheryl, Terri, and my mom-the hostesses!!

Lauren and one of her best friends, Jessica.

Carrie and Melissa

Me and Sis.


Lauren opening a sweet gift from her mother-in-law