Saturday, February 28, 2009

A little Then & Now

Then: 3 months old
Now: 7 months old

Week 31

Campbell loves when I squirt water in her mouth from her seahorse toy during bath time. She tries to drink the water.
Stopping for a pic.

I had to include this pic, because it looks like she's doing her fake cough that many of you will recognize. :)

Poor thing ran around her "Around We Go" without socks the other day and rubbed a little blister on her toe.

So it was only fitting that she got a pretty little pedicure to make her feel better. ;)

Monday, February 23, 2009

7 months old

7 things about Campbell on her 7 month birthday.
  1. When she is taking a bath, she LOVES to suck on a washcloth. The funny thing is, she knows to submerge the washcloth back in the water for a few seconds to let it soak up some more water, and then she'll suck on it a few more times. She repeats this process over and over. I'm just so impressed that she knows to dip it back in the water.

  2. She does this funny little thing where she turns her pacifier sideways in her mouth so that the bottom part of the hard plastic part is in her mouth with the soft rubbery part she sucks on. It looks so funny, and she can flip it in and flip it out really quickly without using her hands. She's tricky!

  3. She wants to scratch EVERYTHING with her little fingernails. She scratches her little fingers on her toys, blankets, the sliding glass door, her jumper, and anything else she can get her hands on.

  4. She finally learned to go all the way around her "Around We Go" ( I know I speak of this thing often. It's one of her favorite toys.) She now literally sprints around it several times without looking up. It's hilarious.

  5. She's learning to throw quite a fit. Kevin and I are a little worried about this one! I thought we didn't have to deal with fits for like 2 more years. She arches her back and does a little fish out of water flop either on the floor or in her carseat. She also tries to wriggle her arms out of the strap in her carseat.

  6. Her FAVORITE things to play with are, in no particular order: -the remote control: She is constantly pushing buttons on the remote and bringing up funky programs or channels that I have never seen before. If the remote is in sight, she is lunging for it. We even got out another remote and took the batteries out of it, but she'll have nothing to do with that one. There's no fooling Campbell -our cell phones: She could push the buttons on our phones all day long. Once she's pushed all of the buttons long enough, she likes to chew on it. -the computer: She is mesmerized by the photoshow that plays as our screen saver. It's several different old pictures of Kevin and I, and she just stares at it. When she is within striking distance, she likes to bang on the keyboard. Probably not good.

  7. She seldom watches T.V. or movies, but it seems like the T.V. is always on when we're playing in the living room so she has started to recognize a couple of commercials that are shown often. One that she always stops mid-action for is for a chinese restaraunt called Pick-Up Sticks. It has an animated lizard that does all of these kung-fu karate moves. She almost shakes with excitement and does not take her eyes off of the T.V. and then does a little laugh when it's over and goes on her merry way. She is so silly.

OMG!!! Look at this teeny tiny little thing almost 7 months ago!

And NOW, playing with her favorite remote!

First Trip to the Zoo!

Saturday, we decided to take Campbell on her first trip to the zoo. It was a beautiful day, and we wanted to get out of the house to do something fun!! We got a family pass that we can use for the next year so hopefully we'll be making several more trips back to the zoo. We were only there for about 2 hours, but it was long enough to eat a pretzel, do some people watching, and see the polar bears, camels, big porcupine thingy's, flamingos, bears, monkeys, and a couple of other animals. There was quite a bit we didn't see, so we can hit those on future visits.

This little animal probably could have cared less about the animals, but I'm sure she'll be more interested soon. She was just along for the ride.
Poor polar bear looked a little sickly. Maybe he misses the frozen tundra.

Porcupine thingy
The zoo has LOTS of hills that were killer with a stroller! Campbell convined Dad to carry her at this point which wasn't much easier. She is a load!!!

"Nice curves!" - quoting Kevin
This camel was just not right. It was foaming at the mouth. YUCK.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Week 30

Wow oh wow! Where has the time gone? I cannot believe my baby is almost 7 months old going on 7 years. I swear she acts like a toddler most days! Campbell is doing so many new things lately. She has now figured out how to bounce in her jumper. She can just jump to town. She can also literally run circles in her "Around We Go." When she has her little footy pajamas on in the morning she can't get very good traction to make herself go around, so she does a little leap thing to catapult herself around. She has also started patting us on the back when we're holding her or hugging her. We swear that she says "Hi" to us in the morning. We say it to her all of the time to try and get her to say it, and we like to think that she repeats it back to us sometimes. She has also discovered her EXTREMELY loud, high-pitched scream, and LOVES to hear herself do it.....EVERYWHERE. It's just lovely. She just gets more and more fun each day, and we just love her to pieces!!!

Now, who can resist this baby booty plumber crack??? Hee hee :)

Post-nap sleepy eyes

a pink ring on the head, a blue ring in the mouth
a pink and green ring on the head, a blue ring in the mouth
a pink ring, green ring, and a lovey on the head, a green frog in the mouth
That's all I got!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Not Me Monday

I have never done this before, but I have so much fun reading other Not Me Monday posts of things that people have most certainly not done throughout the past week! So here goes nothin'!

  • My husband would never have to get on to me for allowing our daughter to chew on the computer cord while it was plugged in. I'm definitely smarter than that.
  • I would never make a ton of chocolate covered pretzels with sprinkles to give out to my Baby Bootcamp buddies for Valentines day, but instead keep them for myself and eat them all.
  • Kevin was gone all last week, so I would never make my favorite pasta and eat it for lunch and dinner 4 out of 5 days last week.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Yesterday, I pushed Campbell's "Around We Go" up to the fridge so she could play with some of the magnets, and I could get something done. Well, what is right next to the fridge and much more exciting? The pantry of course! Campbell made her way over to the pantry and started pulling every bag of chips out of the bin on the bottom shelf! She looked like she had hit the jackpot and was going to get to eat everything she found!
"What? It's just a bag of pita chips."
After removing everything within reach from the bin on the bottom shelf, she moved on to the next shelf. She proceeded to pull the bin off of the shelf and prop it up just perfectly on her seat so that those little fingers could go to town.
"Hmmm, this NutriGrain bar looks quite interesting. How do I get this thing open?"

"Don't look Mom. You'll never know it's gone. It's been here since Halloween."

Monday, February 9, 2009

Kevin's Birthday

For Kevin's 30th birthday, Campbell and I kidnapped him for the weekend and took him on a little "STAY-cation" to the Crystal Pier Cottages in Pacific Beach. Even though we were 15 minutes from home, we acted like we were on vacation all weekend. It was an unusually rainy weekend for San Diego, but we still got some spurts of sunshine. It didn't put a damper on our "stay-cation" though. It actually made for some quite cozy evenings hearing the rain and the waves crashing right below us. The best part was, when we left Sunday morning, we were home in 15 minutes rather than having a long day of traveling ahead of us with a 6 month old who was READY to be at her own house. I didn't get a very good variety of pictures or any of the inside of the cottage that we had decorated for Kevin, but here are several of the pier and ocean.
Not sure what was going on here? Obviously upset about something, but you CAN checkout her shirt that she's wearing. It has a picture of her and Kevin and says "My Dad Rocks"
Another teething biscuit mess!!! (I look thrilled in the background)


Thursday, February 5, 2009

Kevin's brother, Chris, had a business meeting in San Diego this week so he flew out a couple of days early to spend some time with us!!! We LOVE having visitors but hate that we don't have more space to accomodate our guests, but he was a trooper and slept on our lovely air mattress. Poor guy. Thanks so much for coming to visit Chris!! Here are some pics from the week!!

Chris took this picture for us. It turned out neat.

I like it in black and white


This is about par for Campbell in her stroller: paci in mouth, leaning over to the side, socks pulled off

Showing off her new outfit from Aunt Jen
Practicing standing up

She just loves her Uncle Chris. Could have something to do with how much he looks like her daddy ;)

Riding on Uncle Chris's luggage