Thursday, February 12, 2009


Yesterday, I pushed Campbell's "Around We Go" up to the fridge so she could play with some of the magnets, and I could get something done. Well, what is right next to the fridge and much more exciting? The pantry of course! Campbell made her way over to the pantry and started pulling every bag of chips out of the bin on the bottom shelf! She looked like she had hit the jackpot and was going to get to eat everything she found!
"What? It's just a bag of pita chips."
After removing everything within reach from the bin on the bottom shelf, she moved on to the next shelf. She proceeded to pull the bin off of the shelf and prop it up just perfectly on her seat so that those little fingers could go to town.
"Hmmm, this NutriGrain bar looks quite interesting. How do I get this thing open?"

"Don't look Mom. You'll never know it's gone. It's been here since Halloween."


Emily said...

tooo stinking cute! love her:) So glad you captured this moment on your camera!! presh! love her lil heart shirt too!

Kristen said...

So cute! Can I have that Reece's Cup if no one else wants it?