Monday, January 18, 2010

Campbell's Stitches

2 weeks ago, around 5:00 in the evening, Kevin was out in our garage getting ready to take the trashcans out to the curb. He had just gotten home from the gym so Campbell wanted to go out in the garage to see him. We keep her diaper pail out in the garage too, so Kevin had it open, emptying out the diapers to put in the trash. Well, Campbell somehome turned around and didn't realize the diaper pail was right behind her so she tripped and cut her lip, face, and nose on the hard plastic rim of the opened diaper pail. Yes, that's right. Her Diaper Genie caused her to get 4 stitches. To say the stitches were a bit traumatic (for all of us) is a bit of an understatement. It. Was. TERRIBLE. We felt so bad for her. She now has her stitches out, and her face is healing very well. Better than we expected actually. Here are some pictures of her stitches though. She sure doesn't look like they're bothering her too much. ;)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

So we have had a crazy couple of weeks around here! In addition to traveling back to Oklahoma for Christmas and visiting 4 families in 4 days, 1: my nephew Aiden had a seizure brought on by a high fever the day after Christmas (the story behind that deserves a post of its own), 2: we returned home and had friends in town for New Years Eve and I got sick and couldn't hang out 3: my parents, brother, and sister's family were in town for OSU's bowl game 4: Campbell tripped in the garage and sliced her lip up to her nose and had to get 4 stitches (that will be a whole other post also!) :( poor girl. Anyway, I've got all of the Christmas pictures posted and I'll add captions later. I'll also post pictures of Campbell's horrible ordeal with her stitches. Regardless of all of the craziness over the past couple of weeks, we have so much to be thankful for and are looking forward to an AMAZING 2010!!!

Let the Christmas Craziness Begin

Christmas at Mimi and Pappy's

Christmas with Pops and Nams