Monday, February 27, 2012

iPhone Pictures

Campbell making some little houses out of blocks for her and her baby dolls.

Campbell and her sweet friend Bella after school, wearing the same shirt.

Kevin and I dressed up as Russel Brand and Katy Perry for a wedding believe it or not, and not Halloween.

We love footy pajamas in our house!

Campbell and Bella on silly sock day at dance.

Cannon making his ornery face playing in Ikea.

Campbell's updo at a fairy princess birthday party.

My little cutie Cannon

Wearing fairy costumes at the birthday party.

They had to walk the runway and pose at the end.

The whole group of precious fairies.

Hanging out in Pops' chair on Thanksgiving.

Love sleeping pictures!

Cake pops for breakfast are always a great idea! :)


Getting ready for her Christmas dance performance.

Christmas program at school.

Campbell got her face painted at Gatti Town.

We got to spend a fun Saturday at the mall with Mindee.

Just silly!

Aiden and Cannon riding the tractor with Pappy.

Another sleeping boy picture.

Reading in Cannon's room.

Making Valentine cupcakes.

Having a little tea party in Pottery Barn.

My little loves.

This little guy and his expressions crack. us. up!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Celebrating my birthday with a little cake :)

Reaching for the camera while out to eat at Benihana.

Benihana chef in training

Dancing by the fountains

Some crazy outfits

Watching toons before school on Pajama Day

He would not let me take this coat off of him all morning. Silly boy!

More playing at the fountains

He insisted on having all of these things on at once

Campbell and Nams putting on some makeup

Campbell loves playing games on the iPad

What DOESN'T belong in the picture? ;)
One little boy surrounded by pink.

He wanted ALL of these pajamas and hats on at the same time.