Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter 2013

The kids started out their Easter celebrations with an Easter egg hunt at school on the Thursday before Easter. 

Random picture of them playing with blocks after school that day. 

Our church actually held an Easter church service Friday night so we took a few pics before heading out. We all went to the mall after church for dinner at the food court. ;)

Saturday morning we headed to Tulsa to see Pops, Nams, Chris, Jen, Jake, and Ally. This was the first chance we had to all be together to celebrate Pops' 60th birthday which was in February. 
We went to the park with Pops and Nams to let the kids play.

Checking out their Easter baskets.

Inside Easter egg hunt

Pops and his grandkids

Campbell dying easter eggs

Simple little Easter baskets from us. They each got a book and a box of candy.  Campbell got a magic kit she had been wanting and Cannon got a magnetic dress-up guy. 

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Snapshots of Spring

Playing outside in the rain after dinner.

Helping mommy cook

Doing a little shopping at Lowes

Cannon was a little scared of the car wash

 Sweet sleepy boy

Treats from the ice cream truck

Cannon insisted on wearing swim shoes to dinner

Barbies asleep on the bed

Playing at the mall

Precious friends

 Playground time