Sunday, June 20, 2010

Our friends from San Diego, Sam and AJ, and their sweet baby Addy made a stop through Dallas to see us after visiting their family for a week. We enjoyed catching up with them and seeing their sweet daughter, who we hadn't seen since she was just a couple of weeks old.
Campbell and Addy looking at books

If this isn't one CRAZY get-up, I don't know what is!!! She had to wear this winter hat (sideways), her pink, too-small, John Lennon glasses, and turquoise socks while playing in water on the patio. Interesting!

Enjoying a little pool action with Dad.

We see hot air balloons around here often, but on our way home from dinner the other evening, this one was landing in our neighborhood.

Campbell's self-portraits

Someone's been playing in mommy's closet. :)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a nice, relaxing Memorial Day weekend. We spent a lot of time at our neighborhood pool, did lots of playing outside, made a trip to the outlet mall, and just enjoyed hanging out together!

Dress Up

Campbell has really been enjoying playing dress up lately. You never know what she is going to come out of my closet wearing, from jewelry to hats to shoes! She also enjoys wearing sunglesses (which she calls eye-nez ??), her rainboots, and her princess dresses.
She had about 6 bracelets going all the way up her arm.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Campbell's knees were dragging the ground on her old little princess scooter so we decided to get her a little tricycle. Her feet don't quite reach the pedals yet, but they will soon. Pardon all of the nudity in these pictures, but Campbell's usual attire around the house lately is nothing but a diaper. She doesn't like to wear any clothes sometimes, and if she gets so much as a drop of water on her clothes, everything must come off! I guess she can get by with this a little while longer. ;)

If it gets really quiet sometimes, and you're not sure where Campbell is or what she's doing, you might find her in the office doing this. She thinks she's working in her office like Dad.

Pops, Nams, and Gramps made a special trip to come see us and watch the Cubs play the Rangers in Arlington. We had a great weekend with them as always!!! ___________________________________________________
Campbell and Nams playing with bubbles.

We always put poor Pops to work when he comes to visit. He knows how to do everything, so this time he was installing crown molding in the office. :)
Pops and Campbell walking to the stadium.
She kept looking out at all of the rides at Six Flags.

Peete, Bethany, Presly, and Cru were all at the game too. All of the kids are eating peanuts in this picture.
Presly was putting the little baseball hat that icecream is served in on Campbell's head and they thought it was pretty funny.
Campbell checking out the program in Dad's lap.
Gramps singing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame"
Gramps, Kevin, Nams, and Campbell