Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My sweet friend, Mindee, treated Kevin and I to a night out by babysitting the kids for us. We couldn't thank her enough! Campbell LOVED having her babysit!

This little guy was supposed to be asleep, but he just couldn't miss out on the fun. He decided to wake up and join in. ;)

Enjoying some breakfast before he got a much needed haircut.

Having some lunch AFTER his haircut.

He really wanted to try out Campbell's Barbie motorcycle.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Our Fun Week

Lauren, Dillon, and Aiden came for a little visit last week so we took a trip to the aquatic center for some fun in the sun.
Campbell enjoyed a snowcone....

and Cannon enjoyed playing with a straw and a cup hangin' out in his stroller.

The stroller is crackin' me up. We should call it the "swimmin' wagon." It's all piled down with towels, bags, drinks, and snacks. :)

He was really concentrating on that straw and cup.

That evening while the guys played a little Top Golf, we took the kids to walk around some fun splash fountains and get some icecream.

We were waiting on a little fountain show to start. The fountains were choreographed to music and lit up different colors.

We had an awesome time with my sister, brother-in-law, and precious little nephew!!!

Had to add this sweet pic in too that I took when Mindee brought by some cake pops and adorable Hello Kitty birthday goodies for Campbell. :)