Saturday, July 30, 2011

Campbell is 3!

This little girl turned 3 July 23rd, but we began celebrating a little early!

We saw Pops and Nams the weekend before her birthday, and they surprised her with a Tinkerbell watch a little early.

The Friday before her birthday, I took her to the nail salon to get her fingers and toes painted.

She was so cute and of course chose purple polish with a pink flower on each big toe.

It was so much fun and something I'm afraid she'll want to do more often. ;)

We took cupcakes to dinner with Peete, Bethany, Cru, and Presly Friday night and Campbell wore sponge curlers for the first time before we left for dinner.

Every little girl has to wear pink sponge curlers, right?! :)

Campbell had been saying for months that she wanted a Hello Kitty birthday so Friday night after she went to bed, I decorated the kitchen with Hello Kitty stuff.

We got her a Hello Kitty bike and princess helmet.

We made a Hello Kitty cake together on Friday. It turned out really cute!

She was surprised by her bike Saturday morning!

She obviously picked out her frog jammy top with monkey jammy pants herself.

She also opened another little dress she had picked out from us.

She rode her bike in a circle around the living room all day.

We're going to have a joint birthday party for Campbell and Cannon with friends and family in Oklahoma in August, so she didn't have a big party on her birthday. All she wanted to do was go to Build-A-Bear with her two best little friends that she goes to preschool and dance with.

They made Hello Kitty dolls. Campbell is stuffing her Hello Kitty.
Pushing the pedal to fill it with stuffing.
Isabella's Hello Kitty is all stuffed.

Makayla and her mom, Heather.

Cannon just hanging out in the stroller.

Warming the hearts that will go inside their dolls.

Rubbing their brains to make it smart.

Bathing their dolls.

She decided on a Tinkerbell Hello Kitty doll. What more could you ask for?

3 little sweeties.

All done.

The Build-A-Bear staff sang their birthday song.

The girls had to take a ride on the carousel.

We had some lunch and she opened her presents from her friends and called it a day.

Family picture in the mall food court. :) lol

Her Hello Kitty balloons at the house.

Saturday evening after Cannon had gone to bed, Campbell, Kevin, and I had the sweetest little time singing her happy birthday and eating some of the cake we had made. She was so precious.

Love this girl more than words.

Happy 3rd Birthday our precious girl!!! xoxoxo

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