Monday, August 25, 2014

Campbell Starts Kindergarten

Meet the Teacher Night

Right after, Meet the Teacher Night, she got to perform at the High School football scrimmage.  While practicing  before their performance, she stood right on a fire ant hill and tons of ants crawled up her socks and shoes and bit her all over her ankles and legs. :(  We were able to brush them all off and she still did her little performance.

Lots of posing for the first day of school. ;)

Day 2

Taking goodies to her teachers.

Walking home from school on day 3.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Winding Up Summer 2014

Made a little trip to the outlet mall, so they had to check out the kiddie rides.

I walked by Campbell's room and caught her like this, and it made me fast forward ten years to a 16 year old Campbell sitting at her desk doing homework. 

Cheerleader Cutie

Little brother had to get a picture too! ;)

We checked out Urban Air before school started. So much fun!!

Campbell loved attending Prosper's Cheer Camp.

We had a little Pinterest fun and froze a bunch of little toys overnight.

Then we tried several different strategies to get them out of the ice.

Cheer camp with her cute little squad.

Practicing some stunting with Cannon. 

We had to find a local miniature golf course after we had so much fun playing mini golf on vacation.

The squad took popsicles to the football team.

We got to play with sweet Rowan for a few hours one morning. 

Campbell got a new sleeping mask and it is so hilarious!

Playing in the rain!!