Monday, June 4, 2012

iPhone Pictures May & June

These pictures are a little out of order.  I've been taking more pics with my phone than with my regular camera lately, so I've got to include them on the good ol' blog too.  ;)

Campbell posing at my Aunt Michelle's house during my cousin Kristin's wedding shower.
Marley, Campbell, and Cannon

Campbell sharing some ice cream with Cannon on the last day of school.

Cannon enjoying some lunch with Campbell's class.
Playing outside with Asher, our neighbor.
Pool time on Memorial Day!!!

Dressed in our luau attire for my cousin's engagement party.
Having some dinner at our favorite restaurant, BJ's.
Having fun at the bounce house.
Cannon's reaction when Campbell found another little girl to play with.
Campbell after her dance recital. (That is not her recital costume. She just insisted on wearing her Rapunzel dress to dinner afterwards.)
Aiden and Cam watching a movie on the phone at dinner.
Dance Recital!!! They did a tap dance to "Sugar Sugar".
Campbell and Isabella at dress rehearsal
Campbell with her TOT trophy after their performance. She couldn't wait to get that trophy!
Hanging out by the sand in Fairview
Cannon randomly lays down and cuddles his blanket wherever we are. I have several more pictures of him doing this. :)
My big baby boy snoozing away.
One of Campbell's lovely outfits
Muddy little boy feet are happy feet. :)
Another one of Campbell's ensembles. (as Fancy Nancy would call it)

Watching a little t.v. in our fort we made.