Sunday, May 16, 2010

So it's official. They tell us we are definitely having a boy! We are super excited and can't wait for him to get here, although we have a lot to do before his arrival. We can't decide on a name quite yet, and we'll probably start working on his room in July. Campbell has NO CLUE what's going on and doesn't seem to grasp the "baby in mommy's belly" concept. ;)
In the meantime, we are enjoying this little girl SOOOO much! She cracks us up on a daily basis, and she has become so much more lovey dovey and cuddly which she never was as a baby. She will be such a wonderful big sister!

Playing a little dress up.

We caught pictures of this beautiful rainbow.

Kevin and Campbell took me to Benihana for my Mother's Day dinner. Hibachi is my fave so I absolutely loved it!! Campbell couldn't get enough of this big fountain after dinner.