Tuesday, September 27, 2011


These Boots are Made for Dancin'

Campbell got an adorable little dress, bow, and boots from her G.G. so she had to try it on and do a little dance! She is dancing in the pictures below, not flashing. Promise. ;)

A Morning With Our Family

I always want to be able to look back and remember this season of life with 2 precious little kids. This is what we do every morning. Cannon still has a bottle first thing in the morning when he wakes up. He is completely switched to whole milk, but he still has 3 little bottles a day: 1 first thing in the morning, 1 before nap time, and 1 before bedtime. He is completely capable of holding his bottle himself, but we still sit on the couch with him in the morning and feed him his bottle. I'm sure this ritual won't last much longer, but it's one I really enjoy. :)

Sweet little love.

And this sassy thing usually comes in the living room not much later carrying her beloved blankie and ready for some toons. :)

Let Me Introduce You To...

Princess Jasmine the fish.
She is our new addition to the family.
(She is reddish colored on the left side of the fish bowl.)
This little (male) Beta fish is as pinkalicious as can be with pink rocks and a pink treasure test in its fish bowl. Not to mention its name.

Campbell's class was discussing family trees at school, including family pets, and she was not pleased that she was the only kid in her class without a pet.

Hope she (he) likes her(his) new home!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Keeping Track of Campbell and Cannon's Stats


7/23/08--2 minutes----8 lbs---------19 1/2"------13 1/2"
8/29/08--1 month-----10 lbs 10 oz--22 3/4"------15 3/4"
9/26/08--2 months----12 lbs 7 oz----24"----------16 1/2"
12/5/08--4 months----16 lbs 1 oz----26 1/2"------17 1/4"
2/3/09---6 months----18 lbs 6 oz----28"----------18"
4/28/09--9 months----20 lbs 3 oz----30"----------18 1/2"
7/28/09--1 yr old------22 lbs 10 oz---31 1/2"------19 1/4"
7/23/10--2 yrs old-----29 lbs 4 oz----36 1/4"
9/1/11----3 yrs old----32 lbs 6 oz-----39"


9/1/10---birth--------8 lbs 7 oz------20 1/2"------14 1/4"
9/14/10--2 weeks-----8 lbs 15 oz----21 3/4"-------?
11/12/10-2months----14 lbs 6 oz-----24 "---------14 1/2"
3/1/11---6 months----19 lbs 9 oz-----27 3/4"-----46 cm
6/1/11---9 months----21 lbs 5 oz-----29 1/4"-----46 cm
9/1/11---1 yr old------23 lbs---------30 1/2------48 cm

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Back to School !!!

Campbell started back to school this week! She is going 3 days a week and is in the same class as her best friend Isabella. She LOVES school!

When I went to pick her up from school she was still asleep on her nap mat. I woke her up and she started crying. I was worried maybe she had had a bad day, but when I asked her why she was sad she said she didn't want to leave. I guess that's a good sign. ;)

2nd day of school.

Cannon is 1 !!!

*Disclaimer: My camera was still on a weird setting, so the quality of these pictures is terrible.

Our little Mister turned 1 year old September 1st!! Oh how we love that guy!! He has developed quite the little personality and is just learning and growing and changing every day!!

His actual birthday was pretty pitiful. He got to go to the pediatrician on his birthday and we found out he had an ear infection, so he was feeling pretty crummy most of the day. We did stop and get some cupcakes from The Cupcakery on the way home to help celebrate. We ate dinner, sang Happy Birthday, let him have a few bites of cupcake, and then he went to bed, and Campbell and I went to her "Meet the Teacher" night at school.

We scrounged the house for some decorations the night before and made a birthday banner.

Happy Birthday to you my little love!

"Can I eat this?"

Here is what Cannon is up to at 1 year old!!!
  • He has been walking for about 3 weeks.
  • He has started climbing. Everything.
  • He LOVES his dad and only wants him most of the time.
  • Anytime he sees Kevin, he says, "Hi Da"
  • He has one long nap a day and goes to bed at 7.
  • His nicknames are Bubba and Cannonball. Lately I have been accidentally calling him Budda which is a mixture between Buddy and Bubba. It is kinda fitting though.
  • He LOVES balls. He can spot one anywhere.
  • He has started dancing when he hears music. He's got some pretty good moves.
  • He loves playing peek-a-boo, especially when he hides.
  • He has 2 blankies that he loves.
  • He loves being silly and making us laugh. He is such a ham.
  • He has started waking up without his pajama pants on. Just this morning, he decided to take it a step further and take his diaper off too! And it was poopy! Yuck! This better not happen again!
  • Two of his favorite thing are our broom and watering can.
  • He says Mom, Dad, Hi, baba, ball, block

Sunday, September 4, 2011

An Incredible Birthday Party

We had a joint birthday party for Campbell and Cannon back in Oklahoma with all of our family and friends at Incredible Pizza. Our kids are so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends that love them so much.

On a side note: Some of these pictures are mixed up. My sister shared a lot of her pictures with me, so all of the good quality pictures are hers. My camera was accidentally on a weird setting, so all of the bad quality, blurry pictures are mine.

Lauren got this picture of Campbell at my mom's house before the party.
Our party room was super small so the party set-up was kinda pitiful, but I tried to do a few extra things.

Party favors: yummy gourmet candied popcorn

I put pictures down the center of the table.

Aiden had to model some silly glasses we had on the tables.

Trying to set up before everyone arrives.

Cooper Courtney

Campbell with Mimi and Nams

Cannon with Uncle Chris..........and a fork. :-/

Opening presents

Best Buds

Aiden thinks that toy grill looks really neat.

Checking out a new toy.

Dad and Brett having an "Incredible" time. ;)

Campbell's cake was red velvet.

Cannon's cake was banana.

She was blushing as everyone sang her "Happy Birthday."

Singing "Happy Birthday" to Cannon.

"No, not the hat."

Our attempt at a family picture.

This ride must have been noisy.

He loves balls!

Sweet boy. Look at the slobber on his shirt.

Campbell was so funny playing ski ball. She would rare back, barely make the ball up the ramp, and squat down to see if it would make it.

Happy Happy Birthday to my precious 1 year old and 3 old!!! xoxoxo

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