Monday, February 23, 2009

7 months old

7 things about Campbell on her 7 month birthday.
  1. When she is taking a bath, she LOVES to suck on a washcloth. The funny thing is, she knows to submerge the washcloth back in the water for a few seconds to let it soak up some more water, and then she'll suck on it a few more times. She repeats this process over and over. I'm just so impressed that she knows to dip it back in the water.

  2. She does this funny little thing where she turns her pacifier sideways in her mouth so that the bottom part of the hard plastic part is in her mouth with the soft rubbery part she sucks on. It looks so funny, and she can flip it in and flip it out really quickly without using her hands. She's tricky!

  3. She wants to scratch EVERYTHING with her little fingernails. She scratches her little fingers on her toys, blankets, the sliding glass door, her jumper, and anything else she can get her hands on.

  4. She finally learned to go all the way around her "Around We Go" ( I know I speak of this thing often. It's one of her favorite toys.) She now literally sprints around it several times without looking up. It's hilarious.

  5. She's learning to throw quite a fit. Kevin and I are a little worried about this one! I thought we didn't have to deal with fits for like 2 more years. She arches her back and does a little fish out of water flop either on the floor or in her carseat. She also tries to wriggle her arms out of the strap in her carseat.

  6. Her FAVORITE things to play with are, in no particular order: -the remote control: She is constantly pushing buttons on the remote and bringing up funky programs or channels that I have never seen before. If the remote is in sight, she is lunging for it. We even got out another remote and took the batteries out of it, but she'll have nothing to do with that one. There's no fooling Campbell -our cell phones: She could push the buttons on our phones all day long. Once she's pushed all of the buttons long enough, she likes to chew on it. -the computer: She is mesmerized by the photoshow that plays as our screen saver. It's several different old pictures of Kevin and I, and she just stares at it. When she is within striking distance, she likes to bang on the keyboard. Probably not good.

  7. She seldom watches T.V. or movies, but it seems like the T.V. is always on when we're playing in the living room so she has started to recognize a couple of commercials that are shown often. One that she always stops mid-action for is for a chinese restaraunt called Pick-Up Sticks. It has an animated lizard that does all of these kung-fu karate moves. She almost shakes with excitement and does not take her eyes off of the T.V. and then does a little laugh when it's over and goes on her merry way. She is so silly.

OMG!!! Look at this teeny tiny little thing almost 7 months ago!

And NOW, playing with her favorite remote!


Emily said...

ahhh! happy 7 month bday campbell! too cute:) Love the pictures.. she is soo precious! I love her bow she wore at the zoo!