Monday, February 9, 2009

Kevin's Birthday

For Kevin's 30th birthday, Campbell and I kidnapped him for the weekend and took him on a little "STAY-cation" to the Crystal Pier Cottages in Pacific Beach. Even though we were 15 minutes from home, we acted like we were on vacation all weekend. It was an unusually rainy weekend for San Diego, but we still got some spurts of sunshine. It didn't put a damper on our "stay-cation" though. It actually made for some quite cozy evenings hearing the rain and the waves crashing right below us. The best part was, when we left Sunday morning, we were home in 15 minutes rather than having a long day of traveling ahead of us with a 6 month old who was READY to be at her own house. I didn't get a very good variety of pictures or any of the inside of the cottage that we had decorated for Kevin, but here are several of the pier and ocean.
Not sure what was going on here? Obviously upset about something, but you CAN checkout her shirt that she's wearing. It has a picture of her and Kevin and says "My Dad Rocks"
Another teething biscuit mess!!! (I look thrilled in the background)



Brooke said...

What a sweet wife you are...I bet you all had a great time just getting away. I can't get over how quickly Campbell is growing up. It goes by way too fast!!!

Bailey H. said...

Hi Mrs.Spriggs!!!!! Yall are so cute!!!! : )

Emily said...

Ahhh... sooo stinking cute:) what a fun birthday surprise for kevin:)