Wednesday, February 2, 2011

On Friday we decided to take advantage of the warm weather and make a little visit to our neighborhood playground. Campbell was so happy to get to play outside. Cannon enjoyed spending sometime outside as well. :)

These pictures are so funny to me with this little man in his green dinosaur shirt on in such a pink girly room.

This is Campbell's masterpiece. This girl LOVES her some playdoh. She rolled out some playdoh and poked several holes in it and then added one little puffy ball that you use for crafts to each one. Then for some reason she likes to stick the playdoh to our windows. Lovely. I do give her an A+ for creativity. :)


Lauren ENGLES said...

What CUTIES!!! Cannon is getting so big and Campbell is as cute as ever! Just wait til she makes you late for the bus because her outfit isn't perfect! (in 1st grade)

Anonymous said...

hi! i was in your class in '07-'08 and i just wanted to say how adorable both of your kids are!! campbell's getting so grown up.<3