Sunday, June 9, 2013

Granny is 70!!!

My mom threw a surprise birthday party for my sweet Granny's 70th birthday. They told her that my mom and her sisters were going to take her to Pinot's Palette, and they were going to all meet up at my mom's house. Much to Granny's surprise all of her friends and family were there to surprise her. We counted, and I think there were about 70 people there for her 70th birthday. That's a lot of love!!

Campbell got in a little pool time the night before the party.

We slept in a room at my mom's house that has a crib in it for  the grandbabies to use, and Campbell wanted to sleep in it. She loved it!

My sister keeps a Nap Nanny at my mom's house for Carson to use, but Cannon wanted to sleep in it, ON the bed. Crazy kids!


Granny walking in to a room full of people!

We love you Granny!!!