Thursday, December 19, 2013

November and December Happenings

Campbell attended her first roller skating birthday party and loved it!

We went on a fun hayride in Tamaha on Thanksgiving. Cannon was so tired, he even took a little snooze. ;)

Campbell helped Nams cook for Thanksgiving with the Spriggs crew... 

and Cannon actually smiled for a picture.

The following week, an ice storm hit Texas and Oklahoma, and we were stuck in the house for 3 days.

Campbell and I spent some of our time decorating our gingerbread house.

Homes always look cozier with Christmas lights and snow (or ice) on the ground. :)

By Monday we were ready to venture out and meet some friends to see Frozen.

After the movie, Reece came to our house to play...

and Campbell went to Isabella's house to play.  They did a little sledding.

School was out on Tuesday, so we made a trip to the Galleria. 

We played in the children's play area,

played on some kiddie rides,

made silly faces in front of the giant tree on the ice skating rink,

and ate yummy Christmas cookies.

Campbell wanted to set a "fancy" table for us one evening complete with paper towel placemats, Subway napkins, and homemade place cards. She added the table runner and Santa "centerpiece" as well. 

The kids' school had its yearly Christmas program.

Campbell was Mary

and Cannon is at the top left in that mix of girls wearing red. 

That following Saturday, we made a trip to the Gaylord Texan to visit their ICE exhibit. The theme was Nutcracker, and it was amazing. AND COLD! They keep it 9 degrees inside.

After about 25 minutes, the smiles and joy turned to this. Tears and misery. 

It really was a very neat experience, but the kids were just frozen, even with hats, coats, and gloves under the giant blue coats they provided.

The next morning, Campbell lost her very first tooth!!!

And we made our annual trip to see Santa!!! We see the same Santa every year and 
he is always so sweet. :)