Monday, May 18, 2009


Campbell has been up to so many new things lately that I have not written about. Since I use this blog as my baby book, I don't want to forget anything! First of all, we have started a new routine of putting her to bed before she falls asleep. We used to rock her and feed her a bottle until she was asleep, and then put her in her crib. Now she can put herself to sleep at night and for naps.

She is also babbling all of the time. We "think" she says DAD, DOG, and HI, but she is just "talking" all of the time, and we act like we know what she's saying.

She's finally moved up to taking a bath in the big bathtub. The blow-up duckie tub just wasn't cutting it anymore!

She now eats three meals a day of baby food and table food, but still gets plenty of bottles too. We ordered her first meal from the children's menu last weekend-pancakes!!!

She is officially INTO EVERYTHING!!! Electric outlets, cords, the wine rack, the fireplace, and pretty much anything she SHOULDN'T touch.

She has graduated from the army crawl and now crawls on her hands and knees.

That has led to her pulling up on everything. It's always a mad dash to keep her from crashing to the ground once she's pulled herself up. She finally got her two front teeth so she now has a total of 7. 4 on top and 3 on bottom

We had to move her up to a bigger carseat. She's still facing backwards for two more months, but her new carseat is A BEAST compared to her little infant seat. She has become very social. I was worried for a while, because she would burst into tears if a stranger even looked at her. Now, she wants to look at everyone and talk to everyone we see, especially kids. We call her our little greeter, because anytime we're out to eat, she has to look at and talk to everyone who comes through the door. And of course, they have to stop and talk to her too!

We love every minute of being Campbell's Mommy and Daddy!!!