Sunday, May 24, 2009

Road Trip

Thursday we left on our first family road trip to the desert. Kevin's territory includes Palm Desert and he needed to visit a hospital there so we decided to tag along and make a little one night vacay out of it. We stayed at a resort that had a great pool with slides, splash park, lazy river, and a sandy beach area. Truth be told, we only spent a total of about one hour at the pool. By the time we were checked in, ate lunch, and got changed, we were only at the pool for a bit before Campbell's nap was calling.
She looks so ornery in this picture! It was H.O.T. so we just took her little outfit off during lunch.
Her new love-Cheerios! She gets absolutely giddy when she sees them!

We had a great dinner and were able to watch the Lakers game. In the background of this picture you can see another little girl sitting in a highchair at the table right next to ours. Campbell and her looked at each other throughout the entire meal! She LOVES other kids.
This fun little photo op was outside of Ben and Jerry's. We couldn't resist taking a turn!

We had planned on spending Friday at the pool until we had to check out. We scratched that plan and headed to a great outlet mall after breakfast. We had a sweet little roadtrip with our little sweetie!!!


Anonymous said...

Pappy says that pic poolside with the bucket hat, paci, and purse, and red face, is so Lindsay! We've seen that look many times.