Friday, September 11, 2009

Soooooo, we've been a little busy lately with the upcoming move, but here are some random pictures of the little munchkin.


bea presley said...

wow, isn't it so crazy how mobile she is now??? she's so cute.

Anonymous said...

hey mrs.spriggs,
its me olivia steele you taught my 4th grade class in 2006-2007.I love your daughter she is sooo cute!
I also miss you , you were a wonderful teacher.
I have a question, how come you left San Deigo to Dallas?
Well please write back to me whenever you can.

your student,
Olivia steele :)

Anonymous said...

Hi mrs. spriggs,
this is julia d., i was in your 4th grade class just like olivia. Campbell is so cute!! I hope youre having a great life. You were the best teacher ive ever had! Tell campbell i said hi(not that she's really ever met me, but still!)

Your student,
Julia D. <3

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