Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Catching up on the chaos with a RANDOM series of pictures

Three weeks ago the moving truck arrived in San Diego and loaded up all of our stuff to bring it to Dallas. We flew to Dallas the next day, expecting to stay 2 nights in a hotel and close on our house that Thursday. When we weren't able to close that Thursday, they told us we would close Friday. Friday, we found out we wouldn't close until the middle of the following week. Geez!!! So we packed up our hotel room and headed to Tulsa to stay with our family for the weekend until we found out when we would be able to close. Tuesday, they told us we would definitely be closing on Wednesday so we woke up early Wednesday morning to head back to Dallas for the closing. Well.......guess who didn't get to close on Wednesday??? That's right. Still no closing. Thursday afternoon we were FINALLY able to close and get the keys to the house so the movers could unload our stuff. HOORAY!!! We were so thankful to finally be in our new home!!!


Campbell was so great on our flight to Dallas. We never know if she's going to be an angel or a nightmare on the airplane. Our last flight home from Mexico in July was so terrible that I guess she decided to make up for it on this trip.

Riding the shuttle to the car rental.

Campbell did lots of this while hanging out in our hotel room.

After spending 3 nights in Dallas and still no closing, we were thankfully able to get our car off of a different moving truck. Not so good was the fact that it was FILLED.TO.THE.BRIM. with stuff we had packed in it expecting to just be able to unload it at our house. Since we had no house at that point, we had to fit ourselves and all of our luggage into that car that was already stuffed. I mean, not one square inch of room left!!! Can you find Campbell?

Kevin's sad face about being stuffed in the car.

My sad face about the pile of stuff that was on me.

Once we made it to Oklahoma we got to hang out with our families which was nice and relaxing after our crazy week.

Campbell got to play with her cousin Aiden.

Once we were able to move in, we came across the "Joe Dirt" wig that has made several appearances over the past few years.
And now for a little fashion show fun!!! My mom got Campbell these cute little OSU flip-flops and she has to wear them all the time. She brings them to me several times a day wanting me to put them on her.
Campbell was in need of some new shoes for the fall weather so we had to get these cute little pink, Ugg-looking boots.
She looked too sweet in her pink boots and brown sweater dress.
And finally, we had to break out the skinny jeans that Campbell got for her birthday but had not yet worn.
She is stylin' in her two must haves of the season- skinny jeans and cardigans. :)

This concludes the fashion show, but the FUNNIEST thing Campbell has been wearing lately is her new toy snake. She puts it around her neck and it kinda moves a little and almost looks real. It cracks us up!!!
And just because this makes me laugh!


Maggie said...

Good to hear ya'll are finally getting settled in. The sad faces and packed car cracks me up. This post will def be fun to look back on in a couple of years. Lovin Campbell's new additions to the wardrobe. Miss you guys!

Keri DesAutels said...

What great pictures! I'm glad you are in your new house. Sorry it took so long to close. That stinks.