Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Week In Review

Here's Miss Campbell doing her standard camera pose. I never get tired of it! :)
We put child locks on most of our lower cabinets, but we left one big cabinet open that Campbell can get into. It holds all of our tupperware and plastic stuff and she loves it, but I sure don't love cleaning up the contents of it 6 times a day! She's playing with a few of her favorites below.
We can not figure out why her hair looks so red! We don't know where she gets it from.
This past weekend, my mom, dad, Lauren, Dillon, and Aiden all came to visit. We had the greatest time going out to eat, watching football, shopping, and painting Campbell's room!
Campbell and Aiden really enjoyed each other as well. They're becoming more aware of one another, and I just know they'll be the best little buddies really soon.
This little scooter was the hot item of the weekend. Aiden loved pushing this little thing all over the house.
Of course we had to give them a bath together. (Is it just me, or does everyone have pictures in the bathtub with their cousins when they were little??? Maybe it's just our family. Are we weird??)

Aiden decided to push Campbell around on the scooter too.
Our big project of the weekend was painting Campbell's room. My mom and sis helped with this and it would have NEVER happened without them. We painted big, wide, horizontal stripes so we had to paint and measure and level and tape and level and measure and...........oh my it was a task!!! But it turned out SOOOOO cute. Kevin and I still have to paint the ceiling and do some finishing touches, but I'll post some pictures once it's all complete. We started the painted process below. (you can see Lauren's little hand and roller in the far left)
Mom is a paint master!!!
The kiddos in their matching P.J.'s. ( I never had this thought all weekend, but now that I'm looking at pictures it is really strange to see my child and Lauren's child playing together. WE used to be those kids. Weird.)


Brooke said...

I can't wait to see pictures of Campbell's room. I am sure it is so cute! I bet you are loving being back closer to family again and having room in your house. The kids are so cute and I bet they have a good time together.