Saturday, April 9, 2011

Cannon: 7 Months Old

Cannon turned 7 months old on April 1st. He is becoming less and less of a baby, but is still much more "baby" than Campbell was at this age. He finally decided he loves baby food, and he's been having one meal of baby food at dinner time each day. We're getting ready to add in a baby food breakfast as well.

If you were to stop by our house for a visit, you might find Cannon cruising around in this stroller. He likes to be held All. The. Time. and we get so tired of holding him all day so we've started putting him in his little umbrella stroller and pushing him around the house. He really enjoys it. :)

He figured out he can reach into this cabinet that holds all of the sippy cups and snack bowls.

He has figured out how to fight sleep lately too. He pulls out all the tricks like the fake cough, biting on the blanket to act like his teeth really hurt, the fish out of water trick where he arches his back and almost falls out of my arms, the look at mom and laugh trick, the throw in a little scream while he's crying trick, all of them. But then, if I give up and take him back out into the living room, everything is suddenly fine. Little trickster. :)


Emily said...

soo soo cute:) He is just growing up too fast!!!
Ur kiddos are darling!!