Friday, April 22, 2011

Visiting the Vineyard

We made a trip to my parents' Vineyard in Tamaha to see all of our family and help prune the vines for the summer, but first we had to stop by Granny's house to gather the eggs from her chickens.

Fresh eggs.

Cannon took a little nap in his stroller while everyone worked on the vines.

Campbell loved playing with her cousin, Aiden, and riding her little Barbie scooter all over her the land. We laughed so hard when she asked Mimi where the backyard was. She was trying to figure out her boundaries and didn't realize she could ride her little scooter all over the land. :)

Aiden's tractor was about 10 times faster than Campbell's scooter, but she didn't mind one bit. She was totally content with her slow-moving little vehicle.

Enjoying a yummy pancake breakfast.