Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Clapping, Restaraunts, Books, and Eggs

Our sweet girl decided to start clapping yesterday. No huge milestone, but we think it's pretty cool. Kevin left yesterday for a business trip, and Cam and I are leaving in the morning for a much needed visit to Oklahoma. We've really been working with Campbell on waving, clapping, and crawling. I told Kevin that by the time we see him again, she'll be doing all three. Not 4 hours after he left on his trip, she started clapping out of the blue. 1 down, 2 to go! _______________________________________
These pictures have nothing to do with the clapping story. Just some randoms from the last couple of days. _________________________________________________________
Enjoying some puffs while out to eat. She was a NIGHTMARE to take to restaraunt for several months, but lately she has been fabulous each time we've gone out to eat.

She's been really into looking at her books lately. Granted she doesn't want me to READ them to her or anything. She just likes to look at them and pull off all of the cute little pop-up things on the pages. Stinker!!!

We've been putting together Easter eggs for our church so Campbell has been surrounded by eggs!!! She likes to dump them all out of the box and then kick them all around. I say that she's scrambling the eggs. (hardy har har - mom joke) ;-)

Mesmerized by Yo Gabba Gabba
More eggs!!!


Lindsay said...

How fun!! We'd love to see you while you're here, but if not, next time! Hopefully spring weather will arrive for you :)

Emily said...

sooo cute:) I love all her lil outfits... We just found out we are having a girl:) And I always love all the cute outfits u dress cam in:) Now I can girl shop too:) So FUN:)
Have a great easter:)