Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Home Tour

Welcome to my Christmas Home Tour! If you're not into looking at other people's Christmas decorations, then STOP RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE!!! If you continue any further you might gag a little like my husband almost did when I told him that I was doing this post on our blog. ;)

I, on the other hand, LOVE to look at other people's Christmas home decor and thoroughly enjoyed looking through all of the homes that participated in the Christmas Home Tour last year. Some of the homes are AMAZING! Like, should be in a magazing AMAZING!
Click on the "Tour of Homes" picture above to see all of the other blogs participating in the tour!

Our entryway

Our big tree is in our formal dining room that does not actually have a dining room table in it yet. It worked out great since we didn't have to do any rearranging when we put up the tree. ;)

Living room


Campbell's Room
We decorated this little tree with all of my old cheapy chandelier earrings.


Other little accents around the house


Heather said...

Your home is gorgeous!! I love all of your decorations, you have great style! SO glad to have found your blog and looking forward to following you!! You did a great job! Merry Christmas!

K Mommy said...

Your decorations are fabulous! I LOVE your curtains in what the play room. Very cute idea to use old earrings as ornaments.

Kelly said...

You have great taste!!! First, LOVE the hat on top of your tree. I would have never thought of that! Second, LOVE your wood floors.. Third, LOVE the huge clock above your mantle! I could go on all day!

rachel said...

i looove your stockings!!

also, i love the earring idea on the little tree. that is SO creative!! :)

merry christmas!

Stacey said...

Very pretty!

Heather said...

Very festive! Have a great Christmas with your little girl. I also taught for 3 years, and now I stay home with my son.

Anonymous said...

I love the santa hat on the tree top! It all looks so festive! I am stopping in from Nester's Tour. If you would like to see my tour posts you can click on the 'Christmas 2009' tag on the left sidebar of my blog. Have a great holiday season!