Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Our Thankful Holiday

We headed to Tulsa Wednesday afternoon to begin our Thanksgiving weekend. We started out at Kevin's parents' house. They had bought Campbell a beanbag chair, which she was very excited about!

We are thankful for Nams....
And Pops!
I am so thankful for this little girl...

and these precious pigtails!

The whole Spriggs Clan!

Sweet Ally playing with Campbell
Jake and Campbell enjoying some snacks!

Ally and Campbell exploring a little closet under the stairs
Jake had a fun idea to pull Campbell around the floor on a blanket, and of course she loved it!
Ally and Campbell took a ride
Friday, we headed to Stigler to spend some time with my parents and family. Campbell loved running around my Granny's cabin!

We got to see Mr. Aiden make a funny face! :)
My little cousin Kale was in full attack mode for 3 days, complete with full-out camo! He's such a cutie!
Campbell threw a lovely little fit for Aiden, and what do I do? Take a picture of course.
She's a little upset about him playing with the phone I guess.
Kevin experienced his first deer hunting adventure with my dad and brother. He had no gun, but he did have binoculars!!!
Had to catch a picture of dad falling asleep.
Campbell really likes Lexi, my parents' lab. She would position herself so that Lexi's tail would hit her in the face.......
and then she would laugh really hard when it would!
Aiden brought lots of toys to share with Campbell.
My sweet friend, Mindee, got Campbell this precious little black and orange dress in honor of the Cowboys.
She must be really upset here about the Cowboys playing so terribly against the Sooners :(

Aiden was checking out the Backyardigans
My mom and granny took Campbell for a ride in the wagon to get away from the awful OSU football game. This is such a pretty picture of my parents' land and you can see my dad's vineyard in the background.

Mimi and Campbell
I love these girlies!!!