Monday, December 21, 2009

Gingerbread Tree

So I saw this cute little gingerbread christmas tree kit at Wal mart and though it would be a fun project for Campbell and I. She likes to sit up on the island in the kitchen so I envisioned her helping squeeze the icing on the tree, placing the little candy pieces, and having a jolly old time. That's not exactly what transpired, but it started out okay. She did a great job placing the pieces of the tree together after I would squeeze on a little icing to make it stick.

(And yes, I had to have these matching aprons that I got a few weeks ago for Campbell and I! No, we really didn't need them at all for putting together a little gingerbread tree, but we needed to get some use out of them, right??)

Off to a good start!

Then all she wanted to do was eat chips. No interest in the gingerbread tree, just eating chips.

Here's our finished project. Maybe she'll be more interested next year. :)


Maggie said...

so cute! she is growing so fast! LOVE the aprons. miss ya'll! merry Christmas!!