Thursday, July 30, 2009

July Leftovers

Campbell had been playing in the water outside so she's all wrapped up in her towel.
She looks a little worn out.
Campbell has spent a lot of time in her little pool in the backyard.
She loves playing with the water hose. Don't be jealous of our 1980's plastic lounge chair in the background. It has served us well. ;)
Campbell has decided she likes to feed her baby food to herself. Talk about a mess! She's gotta learn somehow!
She's playing more than feeding here, squishing it in her hands.
LOVES climbing those stairs!
Naked baby on the loose. Found hiding in her tent.
Lets's play, "How many items can you fit in the toy stroller?"
WOW!!! She's good!
Crazy sweaty head after her afternoon nap.