Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wedding Day

Lauren and Dillon's wedding was absolutely beautiful and so much fun. It was a little overcast that afternoon which was such a blessing and there was a perfect breeze coming off of the ocean. The weather really couldn't have been better.
This mariachi band played during the wedding.
Guess where the flower girl was during the ceremony??? ASLEEP in her stroller.

My brother Brett carried Aiden down the aisle.

Someone decided to wake up right before the ceremony was over.
You may kiss the bride!

Playing games with Brett

Kevin taking his turn walking around with Campbell.
This was my favorite moment of the day. Half way through their first dance to Jack Johnson's song that says "better when we're together" (don't know the name of the song) they went and got Aiden and danced with him the rest of the song. So sweet.
My dad has made a tradition of surprising us with a song he has chosen for the father-daughter dance. He chosen "Brown-eyed Girl" for Lauren. So perfect.
Dancing!!! Campbell changed into some comfy clothes. Her leg-warmers were black by the end of the night from crawling all over the deck. (sidenote: those cute little legwarmers protect her legs when she crawls and is not wearing pants so that's why she has them on so often. we are not trying to make a fashion statement. )
walking. walking. walking.
More dancing!!!
The ceremony site was so beautiful!!!
Site of the reception.

We were so honored to be a part of such a beautiful day!!!


Mike and Stacey Huggins said...

How fun! Looks like you guys had a great time!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the pics! What a great time we had. So glad to see you all. Campbell is growing so fast.

Mini Baker said...

Your daughter is absolutely PRECIOUS! Love the little headband with the flower, so cute!
Hope you all are doing well :)