Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Walking and Hairdo's

Campbell has been doing lots of walking around here lately. She's still no walking pro, but she's gaining confidence and getting better. She's trying to walk in Kevin's shoes below. She really likes shoes these days, and tries to put on any shoes she sees.

Walking in a little park down by La Jolla shores.
Walking in the park in our neighborhood

She had to work in a few pull-ups.

Playing at home and still pushing that stroller. I wonder how many miles that thing has on it???

She put this headband on by herself.
I had been wearing it, and I saw her really studying it on my head. Next thing I know, she had put it on herself.
These pictures don't do it justice, but she woke up with the craziest 80's rocker hair the other morning. It didn't have quite the same volume by the time I took a picture.